AUTOMATION IS IN OUR NATURE Mechanical engineering with a unique selling point in the field of tube manufacturing.

  • Plug in and Produce!
  • Customizable
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With t motion, we plan and realize manufacturing cells for your tube processing with optimized material flow. We design a layout to match your requirements and integrate all the required processing and handling options. With more than 25 years of experience in automation, we can offer you the solution for tubes at the highest level.


On request, we can include product marking, as well as optical, contactless camera control systems for comprehensive control of geometries or surfaces. The option to punch holes can also be integrated, as well as transfer lines to achieve the shortest possible cycle times, or systems for loading and controlled unloading, for you very own, customised automation solution.

TPC 628: Compact manufacturing cell concept for
fully automatic tube production

Due to the current demand in the field of renewable energies, especially with regard to heat pumps but also for domestic hot water systems, we have decided to create a new, particularly compact production cell concept that is specially adapted to this field and offers customers a capacity expansion at a good price/performance ratio with the smallest possible space requirement.

t motion - Handling systems
Robot handling for automated production processes

Sometimes it simply has to be a robot that takes over the handling. Many complex geometries can be imple- mented with a simple loading and a transfluid right/left bending machine, but the tubes often have to go through further processing stages before or after the actual ben- ding process.


If a production cell is not an option, the use of a robot that can handle loading and unloading in addition to the handling is usually the best decision. As an official KU- KA-system partner, transfluid can pass on years of expe- rience and know-how to its customers.


We offer a great variety of loading systems for all the machines, dependent on the material, tube diameter and tube length. Tubes that have already been formed and with added components can also be loaded without any issues. The appropriate orientation is therefore very important, when loading the tube into the production cell. External workpieces, such as nuts, flanges, supporting sleeves can be added to the system in a controlled manner and included in any subsequent processing steps. A great variety of loading volumes is possible.

The transfluid tube bending machines can be connected to the latest measuring systems, such as Hexagon, for quality assurance and correction of the bending data.

Industry partners across the globe

transfluid® is an internationally preferred partner for the production of pipe machining and bending machines. We have been developing our pipe machining technologies in a customer-centric manner since the company was founded in 1988.

For example, we offer tailor-made solutions for applications ranging from plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive & energy industries, shipbuilding and aerospace to the production of medical equipment. With effective planning and an intensive, local consultation service.