transfluid® Busbars & Solid-material

With transfluid®, you bring high end technology to your production. Our solutions, services and systems are attuned to what you need to produce on the world market level.

Shaping the flow of energy.

  • The material can be twisted up to 90°
  • Bending beyond the width of the material
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise bending with just one clamping
  • Following pressure die
  • Quick tool change
  • Push bending function makes very tight bending radii possible for thin materials

Extremely long busbars cut and bent automatically.

Bending busbars for electric cars is a crucial step that affects the efficiency and performance of these vehicles. Precision, choice of materials and innovative technologies are crucial to ensure that the power distribution systems in electric cars operate reliably and efficiently. While the automotive industry continues to grow and develop, the technology used to produce busbars for electric cars also continues to advance to meet the increasing demands.


The bending and forming specialists transfluid have now presented a key development step at FABTECH 2023. Transfluid have developed a bending robot specially to meet the requirements for the production of busbars, capable of processing busbars with a cross-section of up to 60 mm² and a stretched length of up to 3,000 mm.


The bending machines from transfluid are known for their performance in tube bending, but they can also be used to bend geometries with solid materials, such as wires and materials with a rectangular section.


The Energiewende, Germany’s transition to a low-carbon, nuclear-free economy, means an increase in the production of energy rails and busbars. The current outputs are growing and the new application areas appear almost on a daily basis. transfluid are offering their customers in this sector their many years of experience and the resulting development work is incorporated in new projects.

Bending of solid material - round, square, rectangular.

Solid semi-finished products such as round copper bars or square cross-sections can be bent excellently with transfluid bending machine.


With the in-house software, which is optimized for round and rectangular materials, precise bending results can be achieved with economical cycle times.


An optimal, contact-optimized cutting surface is also important for busbars. Here, Transfluid offers a fast, efficient cutting system that feeds from the coil. Conductor rails with different lengths can be cut and then sorted out.


Thanks to their high cycle rate, the blanks can be pre-produced for the subsequent process or fed directly to the bending machine using handling systems.

t bend CNC R/L bending twisting machines for copper busbars:


The perfect bending software.

The use of our simulation software for round and square, material on machine independent programming station enables the customer to perform feasibility tests directly on site.

Right/Left Bending with CNC-Control

A combination of a transverse axis and a rotation axis position the bending head, making a clockwise and anti-clockwise bending sequence possible with just one clamping.


As the pressure die is designed to open wide, the off-set bending device can travel straight after the bending tool. This way it is possible to twist copper bars up to 180°, for instance.

production samples