transfluid - The solution for tubes

Many promise solutions. We are the solution. We are transfluid®. The solution for tubes.

A Germany-based global market leading mechanical engineering company providing sales and service from our South Carolina facility


transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH

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57392 Schmallenberg

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The solution for tubes

The technology company transfluid Maschinenbau produces machines to process tubes in Schmallenberg (Germany). The machines are sold worldwide, in a sector where being close to the customer and delivering services plays an important role.


transfluid is a valued partner all over the world for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines. transfluid have been developing their customer-focused technologies for tube processing since 1988 and offers tailor-made solutions for the construction of plants and machines, for the automotive, energy and shipbuilding sectors and the manufacturing of medical equipment.


The start of a success story.

When most people think of April Fool's Day, they probably think of spectacular stories that turn out to be fictional hoaxes. Not so for Gerd Nöker and Ludger Bludau. Because these two know: The history of their company also began on April 1st - and today, 30 years later, it is more successful than ever.

Industry partners across the globe

transfluid® is an internationally preferred partner for the production of pipe machining and bending machines. We have been developing our pipe machining technologies in a customer-centric manner since the company was founded in 1988.

For example, we offer tailor-made solutions for applications ranging from plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive & energy industries, shipbuilding and aerospace to the production of medical equipment. With effective planning and an intensive, local consultation service.

Service in an all-round carefree package

We support you during the entire process, from delivery to installation on site and maintenance.

Going forward together

We are the global market leader in machines and systems for controlled rotary forming techniques (incremental). Highly complex forming geometries can be generated with these rotary forming systems. Mechanical working with very tight tolerances, sharp-edged chamfer structure and polished finishes is also possible.


Our strong team of employees is a guarantee for success for new developments and innovations. Another is the openness in sharing experiences and thoughts with other experts at events such as our innovation days.

Tube bending machines and excellent service

Remote diagnostics

Gives service technicians remote access to machine controls.

Technical support

The excellent 24-hour after-sales service from transfluid® also guarantees particular sustainability of our solutions.

Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide shipping

Flexible, fast and comprehensive spare parts supply through spare parts warehouse in the USA.