• Intuitive interactions
  • Versatile connections
  • Optimum and consistent bending
  • Parallel testing

Fewer steps to the finished workpiece

With t project, you can see all the variables of the bending process before starting production. Even complex bending geometries can be planned and executed in a material-adapted and collision-free manner. The virtual bending simulation determines exact bending times and cutting lengths and checks tube geometries for feasibility in advance.


Tube data and bending results are documented with accuracy, and they can then be replicated 100%. The common interfaces are available for the import and export of data and connection to PDA or ERP over the network.


Our solution for your individual requirements

We have developed four versions of our t project software, which can be used as stand-alone or as networked versions. t project can be integrated centrally in the company's internal security system for optimum data security. Customer-specific modifications, expansions or interfaces are readily possible.

t project Basic

Input and calculation of tube processes

  • Direct conversion of isometrics into bending data
  • Automatically incorporates correction values and over-bending parameters in bending program
  • The dimension of the spatial diagonal from the beginning of the pipe A to the end of the pipe B enables the operator to easily check the bent part manually
  • The software can interface with measuring devices and CAD and Office programs. Supported file formats include IGES, STEP, JT and PCF 

t project Professional

Input and calculation of tube processes, including collision testing

  • Same basic features as t project Basic
  • Necessary tube length extentions are detected and added
  • Additional production safety: the collision test will determine the feasibility of the tube geometry before the actual bending process, which prevents collisions with the machine itself or its surroundings
  • The software will suggest alternative options in case of predicted collisions
  • The software will take all the measurements for the collision test from the CAD model of the bending machine
  • Surrounding features in the room can also be included in the collision test (pillars, shelves, floor etc.)
  • It is also possible to run simulations with tubes that already have flanges or other forming features