transfluid - The solution for tubes

From two-man operation to
world market leader

For 35 years, transfluid has been shaping progress in tube processing

The start of a success story.

When most people think of April Fool's Day, they probably think of spectacular stories that turn out to be fictional hoaxes. Not so for Gerd Nöker and Ludger Bludau. Because these two know: The history of their company also began on April 1st - and today, 30 years later, it is more successful than ever.

The pioneers in tube bending and forming technology.

We are talking about transfluid: Founded in 1988 as a two-man operation in Schmallenberg in the Sauerland region of Germany, today's transfluid GmbH is an internationally sought-after partner as a solution provider for the manufacture of tube bending and tube processing machines - and since 2013 even the world market leader for CNC-controlled rolling tube forming.


There are few reminders of the modest beginnings on 125 square meters. But transfluid has remained true to one thing for three decades: its own claim to actively drive progress in tube processing for its customers.

Always one step ahead of the future

Anyone walking through transfluid's spacious production halls in 2023 will see fully automated manufacturing cells and robots working efficiently and precisely as bending and forming systems. "When we started out in 1988, the internet didn't exist and nobody could have imagined the extent to which digitalisation would revolutionise entire industries within a very short space of time - including tube processing, of course," says company founder Gerd Nöker.


But even the first development that Transfluid launched on the world market in the year of its foundation - at that time still as Nöker & Bludau oHG - was a minor sensation. The manual bending machine for small series up to 16 mm tube size was the first of its kind and is still in demand worldwide for on-site use as an unrivalled endurance bending machine MB 642.

Moving forward together


We can proudly say that together we have managed to become one of the world's leading suppliers of tube processing machines in 35 years. I would like to express my respect for the fact that we have only achieved this thanks to the active support of all our staff and the individual commitment of our long-serving employees.

Ludger Bludau
transfluid GmbH

You have to live transfluid, not just work here. Many people here feel the same way, otherwise we wouldn't have this number of anniversaries every year, now for 30 and even 35 years.

Burkhard Tigges
Member of the Executive Board
transfluid GmbH

Our growth is also due to the fact that we had the courage to take a different path. We haven't orientated ourselves on our competitors, but on the market and have therefore repeatedly developed completely new concepts that clearly set us apart from the competition. This requires a strong in-house team, which we have. But you also need strong partners who go along with you and are open.

Stefanie Flaeper
Member of the Executive Board
transfluid GmbH

There are only a few companies in the world that offer the entire range of services from a single source like we do. We provide our customers with all the machines they need, from bending to finishing.

Benedikt Hümmler
Member of the Executive Board
transfluid GmbH

The solution for tubes

Today, more than 12,000 machines are on the market, bringing tubes into top shape worldwide. Whether forming, bending, cutting or networking these machines into an automated cell: Transfluid is 'The Solution for Tubes'. And of course, with their traditional technical creativity, the experts also develop fully automated solutions, also tailored to the individual requirements of their customers.


These customers come from a wide range of industries: Plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive and energy industries, shipbuilding and many more.

More efficiency, flexibility and optimised processes.

"This is what makes our work so exciting, even after 30 years. We always have the chance to grow together with our customers to meet new challenges and to redefine the limits of tube processing," emphasises Ludger Bludau.


More efficiency, flexibility and optimised processes: Transfluid also ensures this with intelligent software in which the experts bundle all their know-how. The comprehensive portfolio is complemented by a large selection of stock and used machines that can be delivered quickly to help meet the challenges of day-to-day operations.

Strong team and entrepreneurial vision.

So many ideas need space - and Transfluid has continued to create this space over time. In 1991, the company found a new home at its current location in Schmallenberg.


In 2008, Benedikt Hümmler, Burkhard Tigges and Stefanie Flaeper joined the management team. With their combined strength and strategic vision, they are keeping the company on the road to success, supported by a committed and strong team. Remarkably, Transfluid still employs ten people in Schmallenberg who have been with the company since its inception.

Thank you Gerd!

Our company founder Gerd Nöker passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 31 March 2020. Gerd distinguished himself through his enormous expertise coupled with a strong personal charisma. He enjoyed the highest reputation and trust, was a competent advisor to his customers, a valued role model to his colleagues and employees and a valuable friend to many people. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for his work.


Gerd founded our company together with Ludger Bludau in 1988 and made it what it is today with extraordinary skill, passion and tireless commitment. His vision, leadership qualities and commitment to quality and innovation have shaped our company and laid the foundation for its success.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, Gerd Nöker was a role model not only for us, but for the entire industry. His knowledge and passion have inspired and influenced many.


Our company is proud to carry on his legacy and keep his vision alive. Gerd will always be present in our memory and in our actions.

The Management Board

In the dynamic world of business, effective company management is crucial. For transfluid's four-person management team, expertise, experience and collaboration are the cornerstones of their success.


The four-member management team forms a strong and balanced team that successfully drives the company forward with its individual strengths and collective skills.

Our headquarters in Schmallenberg, Germany, continues to grow.

Our headquarters in Schmallenberg, Germany, continues to grow. For the third time in the last two years, we have expanded our factory, creating more space for innovative and sustainable technologies. Together with the Schmallenberg employees and many guests, we inaugurated the new, about 2200 square metres large production building this year. In addition, we have built a new logistics center with 1300 square metres of storage space. This enables us to compensate for delivery bottlenecks and minimize lead times.


Transfluid employees thus benefit from state-of-the-art workplaces. The optimized infrastructure enables future-oriented effective production. transfluid the solution for tubes: Now and for the future.