• For pipes up to diameter 330x25 mm
  • All materials and wall thicknesses can be processed
  • Mobile solutions for pipes up to 101.6 mm
  • All in one solutions for on-board piping incl. bending, screwing and sawing
  • Expanding machine for easy lapping of pipes up to diameter 330 mm

Large pipe bending machines from transfluid in use all around the world.

Transfluid offers solutions for pipe sizes up to 350 mm in diameter. In the past, large pipes were mostly welded. However, it has been recognized in the shipbuilding industry that our tube bending technology t bend enables much more efficient processing. transfluid's solutions significantly reduce manufacturing costs and create a time advantage of up to 60%. An unbeatable advantage on international markets."

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Effective end forming

A strong process for tube processing in shipbuilding is also end forming, for example the forming of flared flanges on tubes. With the rolling machine 't form' UMR, forming operations up to 325 mm tube diameter can be realized. It operates almost independently of tools with a controlled forming cone which is freely programmable in use. Transfluid offers its solutions for pipes up to a nominal diameter of 250, eliminating the need for two welds on each joint sleeve for large nominal diameters, which is otherwise common in shipbuilding.