Hydraulics & mechanical engineering

Bend and form tubes for highly dynamic loading

Special requirements need a special solution - especially when it is about reliable connecting systems in the field of hydraulics. Our powerful pipe bending machines enable efficient bending of pipes with thick walls. For the most diverse of challenges for highly dynamic loading, our transfluid® technologies offer compact systems ranging from mobile bending machines and tube forming machines (axial, rotary, combined) to CNC pipe bending machines specially designed for this sector.

Rotary forming technique
Our rotary technique enables you to use completely new options of forming. In particular for the production of optimal surfaces of 90° flares and contours, such as a DKO connection.

Process-optimised fitting production and handling
Whereas complex turning workpieces were required before, the production of fittings is now possible completely without chips with our cost-effective tube forming systems. Especially for somewhat smaller sizes where this process brings with it enormous benefits.

Short cycle times make possible processes which extend beyond market requirements as regards quality, precision and cost-effectiveness. The subsequent bending of fittings can be realised effectively on a machine family specially designed for this application. Automation and handling systems guarantee a fully automatic process.

Particularly robust loading systems are available for large parts. They ensure that flanges and sealing elements for example are protected from damage.

Reliable forming instead of expensive welding
Previously, the production process was cost-intensive where connection and sealing elements are used for pressure tubes. The sealing elements were made mechanically and connected to the relevant tubes by means of soldering or welding. Our integrated forming process means you can now shape DKO sealing heads and tube connectors directly on the tube, allowing for a cost-saving of up to 45%. This enables you to get processes in the best process.

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