t bend - Compact and mobile Mandrel bending machines Compact powerfull and convinient.

  • Mobile, wheeled machine suitable for maintenance and site pipework
  • Drop-on, quick-hange tooling – no adjustments necessary
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Can be controlled easily with a touch panel
  • Manual or semi automatic operation (with SPS control)

transfluid® t bend compact and mobile

The machines are extremely robust and easy to operate. A selection of setups is available to process tubes of different lengths, with an operational length up to 240“


Our compact and mobile bending machines can now be controlled easily with a touch panel. This opens up new possibilities, like displaying the comparison of target and actual values for all axes.


Control of the tolerance of the length and the rotation means very little involvement for the operator during the manufacturing of tubes.


Accessories are available, like an integrated saw, a de-burring device, a flaring tool and a compression-fitting swaging tool.

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MANDREL BENDING MACHINES Compact and very efficient

Type: DB 642 K
Type: DB 2076 K
Type: DB 20101 K
Range 6–42 mm
Max. capacity 42 x 5 mm (mild steel) 42 x 3 mm (stainless steel) 25 x 3,2 mm (Square section)
Max. Radii 105 mm
Usable length 1500 mm 3048 mm (standard) 4572 mm 6096 mm
Speed of bending axis 13 °/sec.
Length 4380 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 1550 mm
Weight 900 kg
Range 6–76,1 mm
Max. capacity 76,1 x 3 mm (mild steel)
76,1 x 2 mm (stainless steel)
50 x 5 mm (Square section)
Max. Radii 150 mm
Usable length 1500 mm
3048 mm (standard)
4572 mm
6096 mm
Length 4450 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 1580 mm
Weight 1250 kg
Range 6-101,6 mm
Max. capacity 101,6 x 3,5 mm (mild steel)
101,6 x 2 mm (stainless steel)
80 x 4 mm (Square section)
Max. Radii 300 mm
Usable length 3048 mm (standard)
4572 mm
6096 mm
Speed of bending axis 11,5 °/sec.
Length 5000 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 1500 mm
Weight 3700 kg

Your benefits at a glance


    For 360° rotation by scale, with 4 adjustable stops

    With chuck clamp for all sizes up to 3“

    Inclusive length stop device with scale and 4 adjustable stops

    Usable length 20 ft


    For holding individual collets (optional)


    The separation cut is made directly after the last bend. No further re-cutting is necessary.


    For tubes from 1/4“ - 1 5/8“

    Machine equipment-/basic accessories:

    de-burring tools

    De-burring heads easily sharpened and adjusted

    Internal de-burring tool with 3 HSS edges

    External de-burring tool with 1 HSS edge

  • Carriage for cutting ring pre-assembling & flaring

    For tubes from 1/4“ - 1 5/8“

    For pre-assembling single and multi bite rings according to DIN 2353


    Bending mandrels in different contours or materials.


    Prevents the deformation in the form of wrinkles that occurs when the material exceeds its elastic limit and sets in the curve.

  • Time- and cost-saving

    Fast set-up times due to swivel bridge, plugged tools and bayonet lock for the collet chuck.

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Presentation: Transfluid 2076 K Mandrel Tubing Bender

We couldn't explain it better. Bruce Van Sant, owner of TrickTools and brother of our Vice President Craig Van Sant, explains in detail our K Series mobile hydraulically powered bending machines.


The Transfluid K Series machines are built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. These portable mandrel machines offer hydraulic muscle with digital accuracy. With capacity up to 3 inches, bend radii as tight as 1.5 X Diameter in their standard configuration, and tolerance of +/- .1 degree, these machines are as versatile as they are economical.

Stable, flexible and economical.

This series will win you over with its special stability and performance. Individual pieces and small series can be produced in an extremely economical manner with this machine concept. The use of high-value components ensures the machine‘s durability.

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transfluid® offers the complete package for the production of tubing.

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