New, more energy-efficient economy

Energy savings of up to 70 % compared to traditional hydraulic systems: an impressive figure for the new transfluid® technology. And it pays off from the very first use.


Our focus for this technological development was to create a solution for the previous lack of energy efficiency in hydraulic drives. After all they do have significant advantages such as their unique power density and great robustness. Now their efficiency has also improved considerably and this has a sustainable ecological effect through energy savings.

Increasing the service life of all hydraulic components

The effective interaction of different technical details is decisive for the energy efficiency of our new hydraulic drives. We implement the controls on the hydraulic pumps using servo motors. The speed and thus the volume flow of the pump is adjusted precisely to the pressures. Energy losses from diverting oil at the pressure regulation are thus impossible.


And if the electro-mechanical axes, rotation or longitudinal feed on a bending machine are active, for example, then the servo pump is stationary. This reduces the overall duty cycle of the pump, thus saving energy. Small motors and pumps and the realisation without refrigeration support this energy saving effect. Noise emissions are also low.

An example of the reduction of operating costs

Our hydraulic bending machine DB 2076 3A-CNC has a hydraulic aggregate with an output of approx. 60 l/min and an operating pressure of a maximum of 200 bar. Up to now this required a 15 kW drive. Approximately 80 % of the drive power is demanded on average because normal motors also have a high power requirement when idle. With 6 hours of daily use this results in an annual power consumption of 15,840 kWh.


A servo pump has an average power consumption of less than 4 kW in a typical bend cycle with interval times of 5 seconds to load and remove the tubes. This corresponds to an annual consumption of 5,280 kWh. If one kilowatt hour costs 0.25 Euro then the new transfluid® technology saves power costs of 2,640 Euro here per year. Low maintenance and repair costs because of the simplified fan technology increase this efficiency.