Shipbuilding and plant engineering

Tube machining with a head start as regards time and cost

The focus of tube machining lies in powerful online connections, larger tube diameters and bending with flanges already welded to the straight tube. The orientation of the flange is calculated accurately before the bending process with our special t project software.

Our machine families for increasingly longer tube diameters (to 400 mm) have long replaced the welding of curve elements on large tubes. This is because the t bend tube bending technique reduces production costs and brings about a time saving of up to 60% – also with time-optimised set-up of the machine under 20 minutes.

Bending with flanged pipes 

Flanges can be welded onto the straight tube before the bending process. We recommend here a connection to in-house CAD programs. This enables the isometries to then be realised with our transfluid® t project bending software, and the flanged tube to be bent with orientation.

Forming of flanges

We also offer the option of final forming processes. This enables for example the shaping of flared flanges, which can then be bent. All materials prevalent in shipbuilding can be machined.

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