Pipe-bending machines for attachments and fittings

We developed these machine solutions for short, effective machining times and for ease of operation.

They were specifically made to suit the requirements of individual pipe bends and the production of fittings. You can be sure of optimum results from either our manual or our automatic pipe-bending machine.

Thanks to the special-purpose front adapter, sealing surfaces of already shaped and machined fittings are well protected and remain in good condition. Here, our automatic pipe-bending machines deliver unusually fast processes with impressive cycle times of between 6 and 9 seconds.


Our equipment variants at a glance:

  • Loaded manually or in a fully automated operation
  • Tight bending radii < 1xD are possible
  • Front adapter for extremely short clamped lengths without damage to geometry
  • Checking systems, e.g. to check for holes in turned parts
  • Extremely short machining times


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