Energy industry

Tube processing and bending in best shape for increased reliability

Required for energy systems are tubes which meet the requirements of highest loading. Tight bending radii ensure optimum surface area for thermal transfer. Our tube bending technologies enable you to safeguard the efficiency of your demanding projects.

Small bending radii with no wall thinning
We create for you custom and cost-effective solutions when the requirement for example is to implement bending radii shorter than 1xD for larger pipe diameters. Here ovalisation and wall thinning can be minimised with our t bend pipe bending technology.

Instead of trimming and material losses after bending, the parts are also redundant here and the tubes are available immediately for subsequent processes.

Reliable connections and chipless cutting
Thanks to cost-effectiveness in production and optimal, precision results, you and your customers benefit from market strength and long-term operational reliability with our transfluid® technology.

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