It´s t time(s)

Professionally concentrated to the point

This is new way of communication from transfluid®. Communication with the aim of informing you, and hopefully also inspiring you a little. Live, breathe and experience at first hand short-form news and changes from our company.

Our t time(s) customer magazine will be appearing twice a year, providing information on new interesting and technical processes for all aspects of pipe machining. Find out which innovations and new synergies are characterising our work and which subject areas really interest the industry.

We would like to focus on future trends and open new door for you with our range of machines.

Title stories, reports on practical applications as well as different columns such as "t notes" and "time(s) check" grant you insights into our work. Make use of the download option here.

We look forward to a collective, stimulating and above all communicative future.

Read here the articles in the current t time(s):

The Proper Framework for Tube Processing

Usually, everything revolves around a system`s core. The peripherals, i. e. the environment, are usually considered close to irrelevant. In tube processing specifically, however, the peripherals of the technical details are anything but marginal.

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When heavy loads need to be carried up into lofty heights, special solutions are needed that cranes from large-series productions just cannot master. Such individual challenges are where MKG Maschinen- und Kranbau GmbH from Lower-Saxon Garrel stands out with its impressive innovative power.

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Pointing the direction for better bending

"Stay nice and flexible" is our motto specifically for tube bending as well. Sometimes, bends are needed not only to the right, but also to the left. If you want to achieve your desired geometry in narrow spaces quickly without collision, you will value our smart, adaptable bending solution for this.

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Continued Good Advice

He was always in the thick of things in Germany and served as a reliable contact for our valued customers for decades with his thorough specialist knowledge: Dieter Wagner is leaving us to start his well-earned retirement.

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