Supply systems

Tube forming for high-quality and cost-effective results

High levels of cost efficiency are required – for tube production in supply systems in particular. You want to rely on optimal system effectiveness. With our knowledge in the field of metal working, we create for you solutions which assist you in successfully addressing your individual challenges.

Axial, rotary and in combination
For this we offer axial forming machines for extreme levels of forming, complex geometries and fast tool change, and our rotary method with cost-saving, tool-independent tube forming. The combination of both forming options is also possible. Our combination machines offer for example axial forming and rotary forming in one operation process.

Reverse work processes effectively 
Tube forming on both sides before the bend process lends itself when tube end deformations are used as joint systems. Accordingly, first forming is carried out and then bending. The benefit is that, because clamping jaws are redundant, tool costs as well as associated consequential costs are minimised.

Our experts will gladly help you out and develop for you systems which are tailored to your individual requirements as regards performance and cost-effectiveness.

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